Patty Griffin Silver Bell

The only thing more heart-wrenching than a Patty Griffin song is the thought of one of her albums gathering dust for 13 years — stuck in record company hell. Freedom has finally arrived for the long-awaited Silver Bell. The previously unreleased 2000 album from Griffin will finally see the light of day on Sept. 24.

Often bootlegged, the 14-song Silver Bell was in many ways an extension stylistically of her previous album Flaming Red — a mix of tender ballads, uptempo pop/rock fare and a hint of the more Americana and new-country style she’s developed over the past decade.

The first track, “Little God,”  launches into a gritty Celtic-flavored groove and “Top of the World” and “Mother of God” are classic Griffin ballads. Some of Silver Bell‘s original tracks were later reworked for subsequent albums she released via Dave Matthews‘ ATO records including “Top of the World,” a song that was famously covered by The Dixie Chicks.

Silver Bell Track Listing

  1. Little God
  2. Boston
  3. Perfect White Girls
  4. Truth #2
  5. What You Are
  6. Silver Bell
  7. Driving
  8. Sooner Or Later
  9. Top Of The World
  10. Sorry And Sad
  11. Making Pies
  12. Mother Of God
  13. One More Girl
  14. Standing
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