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New Mutual Benefit release shimmers

If balm for the soul is what you’re seeking in music this month, lend an ear to Mutual Benefit’s new “Thunder Follows the Light” release. An impressive collection of folk-rock dreamscapes, we think you’ll love the subtle positivity inherent in these ten tracks.

Like the sun emerging between storms, the acoustic conquest “Shedding Skin” engages and inspires.

Likewise, with its lilting piano, harmonica, slide guitar and uplifting harmonies, “New History” charms and satisfies.

Have a listen:

New History

About the band

Founded as a musical project by multi-instrumentalist Jordan Lee while living in Austin, Texas, Mutual Benefit, whose lineup varies, is now based in New York.

Their 2013 ethereal “Love’s Crushing Diamond” release became the first Bandcamp album to be named “Best New Music” by Pitchfork.

Whether singing about cicadas, storms or twilight, themes of nature figure prominently in Lee’s music. In fact, many of the album’s tracks could easily lend themselves to movie soundtracks.

“Thunder Follows the Light” underscores the talent of skilled musicians Jake Falby, violin; guitarist Mike Clifford, Gabriel Birnbaum on saxophone, percussionist Dillon Zahner, Johanne Swanson on vocals, and on drums, Felix Walworth. This week, PRP adds both “New History” and “Shedding Skin” to our playlist.

“Written in Lightning,” the new album’s opener, flows and shimmers. “Storm Cellar Heart” is somber and folksy, while superb closing track “Thunder Follows” pulls us in for one last round of sonic solace.

Find music by Mutual Benefit on bandcamp, iTunes, or on their website.

The band is currently on tour to promote the new album with shows scheduled in Ireland and the U.K. this month.

Will they be playing in Portland? We hope so!

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