If you’re listening to Portland Radio Project these days, you’re already familiar with up and coming Indie-pop singer-songwriter Dylan Dunlap.

His new single “If that’s Alright,” released late last year, is on our playlist.

It’s about learning to accept and love ourselves, just as we are, before jumping into a relationship.

It also boasts Dunlap’s John Mayer-like vocals and an ace acoustic arrangement.

“This song is an opportunity to express that maybe I can be more than good enough for me, let alone somebody else, and that I can find a way to live with the noise in my head,” Dunlap was quoted as saying on music blog Yellow & Black

Based in Los Angeles, the young, internationally recognized musician shows continuing promise via “Things I Can’t Explain,” his recently released EP.

We had the chance to visit with Dunlap recently about his love for music and his evolving career.

PRP: “How long have you been a musician?”

DD: “I taught myself how to play piano at six years old. My dad was a TV and film composer. I never sang, I just played for fun.”

PRP: “When did you realize you’d be making a career out of music?”

DD: “When I realized I didn’t have to please anyone else…I didn’t need anyone’s approval, just play(ing) for joy!”

PRP: “Your song ’The Weight,” has a wonderful vibe to it. What was the inspiration behind it?”

DD: “I wrote it with my mixing engineer Ben Zelico, in 2017. I wanted to write a piece of music in an unconventional way, which we did.”

Adds Dunlap: “I was also in a slightly toxic relationship. But instead of writing about them, I wrote about my part in it.”

Here’s “The Weight,” currently on our playlist:

The Weight

Mental health champion

In addition to his accomplishments as a musician, Dunlap – who has been through many struggles of his own – knows the importance of a helping hand when dealing with mental illness.

He currently volunteers with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

As such, he’s received the ‘Fighting Stigma Rising Star’ award from NAMI. And he has partnered with Global Citizen, Autism Rocks and various local organizations to continue addressing the importance of mental health.

Buy his music, catch him live

Dunlap has upcoming performances around the country. Find his music on iTunes or on his website.

🎵 Here’s wishing him All the Best!!

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