Mister Rogers – Remixed

Beautiful Music Lover,

If you’ve  heard my show, you probably know what I’m over-arcingly about: music and self-actualization. Call it whatever word that feels comfortable for you, but you know, that I over and above want you to love yourself, to find your joy and the value of who you are because of who you are – because of your “differences”. As Mister Rogers says, “Imagine that everyone that you see is somewhat different from every other person in the world.”And that includes You. We all have a special reason for being here. And you know what, part of my special reason for being here is to play and share music that resonates with me with the other music lovers out there. It gives me so much joy!

Here are two songs I can highly recommend for the nostalgia, the message, and the enjoyable nature of the remixing images and sounds from a show that has shaped my life so much.

I give you:

Mister Rogers Remixed: Garden of Your Mind (remix by MelodySheep)

And Mister Rogers Remixed (b-side): Sing Together (remix by MelodySheep)

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