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Things were going well for Jenny Munezero in Portland, Oregon. She was working in a rewarding career and engaged to a man she adored. But as the two families moved forward with wedding plans, and worked out the details of her dowry, Jenny found herself struggling to keep up with the details of the Burundi customs. Two months after she was born there, war broke out. Her parents, fearful for their lives in the genocide, fled, leaving Jenny behind. Much of how she survived still remains a mystery. There was a lot she didn’t know about herself — until she came to the U.S.

This episode was written by Degen Larkin and Fran Silverman. Rick March edited the audio, assisted by Gordon Graham. The music was composed by Corey Larkin.  Our executive producer is Sankar Raman. This episode takes audio from an interview conducted in 2019 by Julianna Robidoux.