Four years after emerging on rock’s music scene on both sides of the Atlantic, Indie artist Jake Bugg now returns with album three, “On My One.”

British slang for “on my own,” the title track succeeds mightily. It does so via the hallmark elements that make him a great performer: memorable lyrics amidst a stripped-down acoustic arrangement that deftly showcases his clear, ardent, melodic vocals.

It’s currently on PRP’s playlist. Have a listen:

On My One

Selections on the new album are as diverse as they come. “Gimme the Love,” for example, features fast-paced, staccato-like vocals and is a big departure from Bugg’s previous songwriting. Filled with music industry angst, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it satisfies.

The retro vibes of “Love, Hope and Misery” – recorded in California’s Topanga Canyon – make for a solid arrangement. While a bit dark, the brooding and disconsolate “The Love We’re Hoping For” also delivers.

About Jake Bugg

jake_bugg2.683x1024Born to musical parents in Nottingham who separated while he was young, Bugg first played guitar at age 12.

Hearing Don McLean’s “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)” on an episode of The Simpsons was a defining musical moment for him, says Bugg.

After submitting his music to their website, he was chosen to play England’s top-notch Glastonbury Festival at age 17, where he performed several tracks, including “Broken,” now a fan-favorite.

He released the debut “Jake Bugg” to critical acclaim in 2012, and it reached number one on the UK Albums Chart. His second album “Shangri La,” named for the Malibu, California Shangri La studio in which it was recorded, was well-received in 2013.

This third time ’round, critics aren’t even remotely united on Bugg’s newest effort. No, it’s not quite the same fare as his first two releases, but, tracks do hang well together.

It’s worth remembering that at the ripe old age of 22, Bugg remains a talented musician with an independent streak.

He plays on a variety of guitars including a Yamaha FG700MS, Fender Telecaster and a golden-toned Martin 000-15SM.

An especially delightful standout track from the new album?

“Put Out The Fire” with its catchy rockabilly style hooks and entertaining vocals is classic Bugg. Watch him here, performing it live in England in March:

Put Out The Fire

Additional commendations from the new album? Jake’s wistful “Never Wanna Dance” and the lovely ballad “All That.”

We’ll look forward to following the career of this intrepid singer-songwriter.

You can find music by Bugg on iTunes,  Amazon,  and on his website.

Jake Bugg often tours with only a drummer and bass player…a perfect combination for his style and musical genre.

He performs live at the Oregon Zoo this coming Friday, along with band Syd Arthur.

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