Lines for Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide in our community. It has served thousands of people with suicide, mental health, and substance abuse intervention services as well as treatment referral and drug prevention education. The organization receives approximately 35,000 calls per year, and is able to de-escalate 98 percent of the over 13,000 suicide calls per year.

The suicide hotline is not only available to those in crisis, but to concerned friends and family members who sense something seriously wrong and need information on what actions they should take. In addition to the suicide hotline, there are hotlines specifically designed for military personnel/veterans and teens.

Lines for Life is unique in that it combines treatment referrals and prevention for substance abuse in one organization. It has been at the forefront of statewide, regional, and national substance abuse prevention efforts. Lines for Life teams up with regional coalitions to raise public awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, especially to young people. profiled Lines for Life as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. The podcasts, featuring key members of the organization, are below.

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