Community Warehouse

Helping others is one of life’s most important aspects today. Our days can get pretty hectic if we just stay in our own little world, not seeing what’s truly needed by others living around us: a single mom in need of twin beds, an man living outside trading a sidewalk bed for first-time permanent housing.

That’s where Community Warehouse comes in, and so can you! Since 2001 the local furniture bank has been providing basic home furnishing for people who have found permanent housing. Last year alone, Community Warehouse served eight thousand people — 43% of them children.

Community Warehouse

So gather up those extra dishes you never use. Clean out that linen closet full of extra sheets and blankets and anything else that can help a family or a person trying to get back on their feet. Community Warehouse will make sure they find a new permanent home!

Community Warehouse founder and president Roz Babener paid a visit to the studio Wednesday. Here’s her interview with Robert Parish:

And earlier this week, we heard from Community Warehouse volunteer Mich Nelson:

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