The Happening 2015 – Regional Arts & Culture Council’s Annual Music Forum

Andre Middleton, the Regional Arts & Culture Council’s new Community Services Coordinator, stopped into PRP on Monday, and gave us an in depth look at one of Portland’s main music industry events for 2015. The Happening 2015, which is taking place this Sunday, February 8 at the Holocene, from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, is all about bringing local music industry professionals together and offering a forum for professionals at every level to discuss resources that are currently available, as well as address the needs of a community eager to flourish beyond the plot line of an episode of Portlandia (which we all, of course, love).


The Regional Arts & Culture Council, also known as RACC, has had great success in providing resources such as grants, networking events, workshops, and more to local artists who are passionate about their craft and need assistance in order to get their creations in front of people their art best represents. RACC’s mission is “to enrich our communities through arts and culture,” as expressed on their website. Most of what RACC does for the arts in our region is focused on visual media, theater, and the like, but they are striving to further the conversation about supporting the music community in the same manner that they’ve been able to support other mediums of art and culture in Oregon.

This weekend’s RACC event, The Happening 2015, is going to feature a panel hosted by David Gluck, who currently works for Rumblefish, a Portland based music licensing firm. Other panelists include Mic Crenshaw, from KBOO, Gina Altamura from Holocene, and local artists Arietta Ward and Jared Mees.

Aside from the panel, there will be breakout groups where musicians and industry professionals can discuss needs, ask questions, and put our heads together to better understand what Portland music creators need.

Andre is a great addition to RACC. He is energetic, passionate, highly educated in his field, and acutely tuned into the music culture in Portland. His knowledge of the variety of business models in the artistic community is part of what makes him a heavy hitter for RACC. It was truly an honor to just listen to him express his desire to see musicians acquiring the same resources made available through RACC that the other artistic mediums have been utilizing.

If you’re a musician, or any other kind of music professional, this is going to be an event you’ll definitely want to find yourself at.

You can register in advance at, or get your tickets at the door. The Happening 2015 will be held at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St in Portland, from 3:00pm – 6:00pm this Sunday, February 8, 2015. Tickets are available on a sliding scale from $7-20.

Listen here:


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