This week’s episode of the Friday Night Prefunk featured a live DJ set from local artist ASW.

ASW is the brainchild and labor of love of Alex Wagner. Here’s an excerpt from his artist bio:

In 2008, Alex Wagner stumbled upon FL Studio, a Digital Audio Workstation. Here lay a new, wider, almost infinite canvas. He could create ANY sound. As hours and hours would pass each day, he continued to delve deeper and deeper into its MIDI roots and sequenced drum beats. New tales were written, and a new medium to convey them was necessary. In 2010, the dance floor became his church, the DJ booth his alter. In 2010, ASW was born. Presently, From Eugene to Seattle, ASW brings people to their feet with melodies that fill hearts with unbridled energy and strength. Spanning many genres and influences, ASW projects the power of the melody in every second of his performance.

You can check out his music here.