Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 112

Beautiful Music Lover, if you caught the show today, (which ended up being an extended show, yeah!!) you know that the ideal way to listen to all this tasty goodness is right here on PRP. But if you happened to have missed this show, or any other, your friendly neighborhood DJ diligently posts the Spotify playlists and a list of the artists and song titles so you can look ’em up, follow ’em, listen to ’em, buy their music, see ’em live – all that good stuff!

It’s Beautiful Music Lovers like you who make my job not only worth it, but possible! If no one was listening…it would be just me listening to music! And the same goes for all the amazing creative forces out there, converting their life experiences into art form through the amazing alchemy of creativity, drive, and passion. I LOVE MUSIC! And so do you, clearly. So let’s do it up, let’s list all these amazing artists. Thank you for your support!

A special love note to Beth Ann, Jeffery, pnun, nmidk and iiuoc – thank you for your end of show love!! ❤️❤️ That really means so much to me.

~ Jen Em


Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 112
December 6, 2019

What Do You Do by Mister Rogers
Soulitude by Psalm Trees

Half Full by JGrrey
Twin of Myself by Black Moth Super Rainbow
Howl by Alexandra Savior
Between Love and Happiness by Asta Hiroki, Muhsinah
Didn’t I (Florent F Rework) by Darondo

Signal Blue by The Soundcarriers
Supernova by Sunni Colon
City Samba by Konteks
Yoruba by Cap Kendricks
July – Balloona by The Breed

Blue Skies by Shuko, Ruck P
Out to Sea by Caramel
Posthumous Forgiveness by Tame Impala
Wild Star by Blutch
Rock Your Baby by Emerson Kitamura, MMM

Cover My Eyes by From Indian Lakes, Soren Bryce
With You by James Supercave
Cosurmyne by Jungle
King Prawn the 1st by Spang Sisters
Zoom by Freedom Fry

Home to You by Cate le Bon
Thank you by Fishmans
Anxieties by The Landing
Licking an Orchid by Yves Tumor, James K
Ministry by Karen O, Danger Mouse

Law by Sleepdealer, Daniel Rothwell
Fire Flower by Summer Salt
Lately in Another Time by Loving
Slow by Baseball Gregg
Texas Sun by Khruangbin, Leon Bridges

Lovely by Hippie Sabotage (Billie Eilish)
Water Me Down by Vagabon

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