Fresh Spins with Jen Em, EXTENDED! episode 108

Beautiful Music Lover!

What a great show. It was wonderful sharing music with Allyn, Amy, Doug, Brad, ocjo, nmek, Rebecca and allll you Beautiful Music Lovers out there. We went almost an hour over the show’s original allotted time so I could serve up all the extra musical goodness that I’m so fortunate to have come my way. Super love!

Find that playlist here. Enjoy!

I’ll see you on the airwaves, same bat time, same bat channel…10 am on PRP
~ Jen Em

This photo cracks me up:

Fresh Spins with Jen Em, ep 108
November 8, 2019

fyrsta by Flughand, steichi

Shimmy by Midnight Sister
Escape by Sudan Archives
Feeling Free by LEISURE
Cry for Another by Claude Fontaine
Slow Down by Art Feynman
Remind me by Royksopp

All Mirrors by Angel Olsen
Invisible Threads by Elsa Hewitt
I Can See by Harvey Sutherland
Elevate by St. Lucia
Then Comes the Wonder by The Landing

Autofocus by Vacationer
La-haut by L’Imperatrice
Wasting Time by Day Wave
Hours by Julien Dyne, Ladi6
Slowdown by Kyson
Fall Down by Crumb
Dive by The Seshen
Black Water by Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn

Quatic by Botany
Yikes! by duendita
Menagerie by Monster Rally
Cruel World by Active Child
Sometimes by Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn
Namesake by Rachel Sermanni

Wait by NoMBe
Fire in the Sky by The Landing
A Lot Has Changed by Weyes Blood
Beautyful Beauti by Brainstory
Standing in the Dark III by Niki Moss
The Garden Song (feat Moorea Masa) by Manatee Commune
Do I Hear (KDA 35 Re-edit) by C Duncan
Water Me Down by Vagabon

Shaking by Hazel English
Runner by Tennis
Code Zero by French 79

Jalisco by Babeheaven

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