Fresh Spins – episodes 117 & 118

Beautiful Music Lover,

Episode 117 aired on 1/17, isn’t that fun? And we just wrapped up episode 118 as well. I hope you’re enjoying life, taking care of your physical body, and hittin’ up all the live shows you can! DJ Derek Smith is spinning tomorrow night at Aalto, and I think I’ll be headed out to that, and Camp Crush is playing the Firkin tonight – I may head out to that as well! Who are you excited to see?

Here are the playlists, song titles and artists from both shows. Thanks for tuning in!

~ Jen Em


Fresh Spins with Jen Em, ep 117
January 17, 2020

How the Sun Rose by Sweatson Klank

Sunday Best by Surfaces
Soulless Friends by Peter Cat Recording Co
I’ll Never Know by Shana Cleveland
Remember When by Blue Hawaii
Green Eyes by Uncle Chris
Stay High by Brittany Howard

Animal Fear by Marika Hackman
Blush by Love, Sophie
Need Your Love by Tennis
Here or When by Redspencer
Call Me by the booyah! kids
Can I Call You Tonight? by Dayglow

Instant Temptation by Ashley Koett
The Dark Side by B77
Can’t Help Myself by Alexandra Savior
Hold On (I Was Wrong) by Video Age
Don’t Answer by The Seshen

Intro by Jive Talk
The Sun Keeps on Shining by rogov
Always Tomorrow by Tokyo
Good Day by Surfaces
Forever by Night Tapes
Penny by Snake Cheney

C-Side by Khruangbin, Leon Bridges
Steam Heat by Barbara Moore, De Wolfe Music
Bathlight by Bonus
Salty by KAZU
Sometimes I Don’t by Daniela Andrade

Sunday Paper by Milmine

Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 118
January 24, 2020Back to Nature by Nightmares on WaxSeeking You by Melodiesinfonie, Junes
White Galactic One by Lotus Plaza
Always On Time by COOL HEAT
The Answer by Trails and WaysJust a Cloud by Lusine, Vilja Larjosto
Drip Drop by killkiyoshi
Time for Bed by American Wolf
Waterbed Hev by Blockhead
Ma Huggies by FIG, Nico Sleator

You Don’t Have to Be Lonely by The Undercover Dream Lovers
Oblivion by Grimes
Sex & Stardust by ZZ Ward
Rewind – Marian Hill Remix by Absofacto
It’s Only Us by Monophonics

Rain at Dusk by The Soul’s Release
Skipping Stones by Slowdaze
How I Like by banzai florist
Roller Skates by Nick Hakim
Oud Funk by The Spy from Cairo

Verbania by Wun Two
Ruthless by The Marias
Yesterday by Dan Croll
Pork Belly by Bastien Keb
Marmalade by Cagedbaby

Fools by Drugdealer


“Gratitude is the difference between humility and humiliation, surrender and depression, a life of finding and a life of seeking.”

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