Drop-In Session With Salim Nourallah

Texas has a music scene! And a vital part of it has arrived in Portland for one night at The Wonder Ballroom. Dallas-based musician Salim Nourallah is on the road with Old 97’s. So happy he could make it to “adorable Portland”!


Salim Nourallah is everything you could ever want in an artist. He is clever, perfectly seasoned as a musician and songwriter, and owns the room with his confident and easy charm — must be a Texas thing, which is where he’s from. He has been producing for many, many years, working closely with Rhett (of the Old 97s), but he shines brightly as an artist in his own right. With each cleverly crafted line sung, he would glance over the room, with a coy and subtle grin, to see if we caught what was flowing effortlessly out of him.


Salim is no stranger to Portland, admiring how “adorable” we are here compared to his home state of Texas. Everything about Salim was both easy and mesmerizing. His three songs translated well into the simple, acoustic format, and yet made you feel as if you were in a large venue with a full production behind him. Nothing was missed in his performance. He was dynamic, intentional, and joyfully gritty.


Portland is in for a treat tonight (9/14/2015), as Salim takes the stage, proving that his version of Rock blends wonderfully as much as it stands out from the Alternative Country sound that the Old 97’s bring with them.


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