If you weren’t able to make it to Thursday night’s Washed Out concert at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom, you missed out on a very special band and performance.

The 5-member band from Georgia specializes in chillwave genre of music, music that usually includes synthesizers, filtered vocals, “looping” (a repeating section of sound), and which also goes by the name “Summer Music.”

Washed Out released “Paracosm,” their third full-length album, in August of last year. They opened the concert with “Entrance” and “It All Feels Right,” both off the new release, and also performed “New Theory” from their “Life of Leisure” release.

It All Feels Right

Singer, musician and songwriter Ernest Greene was smiling, relaxed and on top of his game, jumping and swaying in time to the music while making occasional comments to the crowd.

Washed Out also sang “All I Know,” another cut off the new album and a song voted “Best of 2013” by Rolling Stone.

All I Know

Upcoming Tour Dates

Washed Out performs next in Bellingham, WA, followed by the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California and the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York City.

Where to Find Their Music

Currently signed to SubPop records, you can find their music on iTunes and on Amazon.

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