What began as noodling around campfires with friends and gathering in living rooms to feel the joy of playing music together has into morphed into something resembling a  real band of players.

From Backyard to Stage Front

It began with friends loving to play music. And they did. But in-between raising families and wrangling toddlers, it seemed pretty informal until, as Kieran Porter puts it, Coldwater realized a couple of things in those gatherings in someone’s living room or backyard party: sure they loved playing together, but there was actually ability going  on here. Talent! Time to expand their stage.

Coldwater plays at Laurelthirst Public House Thursday February 20th at 9:30. Catch the show and grab a piece of the conversation with Kieran and Scott Taylor, below.

Coldwater - Laurelthirst

Gold Train

Coldwater love their Oregon History. Listen to Gold Train, based on a train robbery in Southern Oregon, and find out the real back story as well. Check it all out, below.

OPB offers up the history of the actual robbery HERE.

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