Best of 2019 – Fresh Spins with Jen Em!

Yo, yo, yo – or should I say, “ho, ho, ho”! 🎅😁

What it is, Beautiful Music Lover? Can you believe that 2019 is coming to an end? What a whirlwind of a wild ride. And on the music front – what a diverse, rich and beautiful tapestry of creative expression we’ve gotten to partake in!

FSJE Super Fan Mags playin’ at the beach

This list is by no means comprehensive, and there may be lots of music that should be added that hasn’t been yet added to this playlist. But I’m going to go ahead and dangle this “Best of” list out there for your musical enjoyment! I know you’re gonna want to jam out to these songs and artists again and again!

I present to you – the Best of Fresh Spins with Jen Em, 2019 playlist


See you next week on the airwaves!

Your friendly, neighborhood DJ
~ Jen Em

Walking distance from my home out in the country

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