Bridge City #BAM: Exploring music by, and inspired by, Black American Artists. Airing every Sunday 2pm Pacific. Hosted by Cyrus Nabipoor.

In examining the history of American music one finds it has always, by and large, been pioneered by Black culture. A consistent pattern exists in which credit and control are taken from Black artists by the white supremacist system which controls the means of production & distribution. The hijacked music is minstrelized and repackaged to fit the capitalist structure of Western colonial society, thus denying due compensation to its creators.

I am not an authority on Black American Music, nor do I claim omniscience as to what it is or isn’t; I am forever learning. I have learned that #BAM is many things at once: a movement, an ancestral lineage, an art form, a classification far greater than the meaningless genre definitions birthed by capitalism. As Nicholas Payton says, “BAM is for the Children”.

The humble purpose of this show is to propagate Black American Music by increasing awareness of the concept, amplifying and crediting artist voices, and playing some damn good music. By exploring a wide variety of Black American Music, we begin to understand the ancestral river flowing through.