Animal Aid: Reducing Animal Suffering

When you see a injured stray wandering through your neighborhood, it’s hard to not to feel a pang of sympathy.

There’s the option to call a local animal shelter. But the fact remains that about five million unwanted cats and dogs are euthanized in overcrowded shelters annually.

So where can these animals find some love?

Thankfully in Portland we have Animal Aid, a no-kill organization founded in 1969 to reduce animal suffering. It works to support needy animals through a variety of services, including educational efforts, urgent veterinary care and spay/neuter programs.

Animal Aid has limited room in their shelter due to their no-kill policy, and can only care for about 40 animals at a time. However, they provide adoption services for about 125 dogs and cats per year. And through their Heartstrings program they support many special need animals.

Additionally, the organization has a Urgent Veterinary Care program which connects veterinarians with community members who can’t afford to care for their pet’s medical needs. This program helps owners keep their pets through tough financial periods.

This week Animal Aid joined on our award-winning Community Voices series. The podcast, featuring interview sessions with members of the organization, are below.

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