Chance Hayden and Ian James couldn’t be more different with their musical approach. One is the theorist and the other plays by ear. The math adds up to something very tasty!



The Many Flavors of Music

Chance and Ian are great together and really fine in their own separate genres. Like Ian says,

Every genre is good….you need to take time to discover what you like.

Ian does regular sets at The Aloft. Chance is busy with HIS new album The Family Tree. We took the time recently to dig into what each guy does well. Guess who is the perfectionist and who goes with the flow. Or maybe they do a bit of each, is MY guess after hanging out with them at a recent Session From the Listening Room at Mountain Air Studios.

Follow Their Next Pursuits

What are the two up to? Chance is HERE. And Ian over HERE. We were going to get in a Michael Jackson cover that afternoon, but ran out of time. Know they do some cool stuff together. Originals!

Chance Hayden with Ian James on Vocals

Ian James