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PRP Team Concert Picks! (5/11-5/17)

A wealth of fundraising events, art, music, spoken word, bluegrass festivals and more await you in this weeks PRP team concert picks!


Inessa’s picks:

ART PEACE Reception at the Q Center. “Peace. It does not mean to be … Continue Reading

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Blitzen Trapper on The Bus Stop

Eric Earley and Marty Marquis from Blitzen Trapper joined PRP host Heather Hanson on The Bus Stop this past Wednesday to share some new music and talk about their rock musical, “Wild & Reckless” happening at Portland Center Stage at Continue Reading

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Portland Center Stage at The Armory

The stirring one-woman musical, His Eye is on the Sparrow has been extended for an additional week. A powerful opportunity to get inside the words of pioneering artist, Ethel Waters.






Timothy Continue Reading

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Visionary and Radical James Baldwin

Raoul Peck’s explosive documentary,  I Am Not Your Negro, is based on James Baldwin’s words and writings that still resonate. His niece, Aisha Karefa-Smart, joins in for a conversation.

The Optimism of James Baldwin


L-R: Raoul Peck, Samuel L.

Continue Reading
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Portland Center Stage at the Armory

The timing couldn’t be better for Astoria: Part One. A story of a journey in the 19th century to create the first permanent West Coast settlement. A timely and relevant piece of history,  here in the 21st century. Enjoy … Continue Reading

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PODCAST Biz503: Jobs in the Performing Arts

Performing arts and culture of many kinds are widely believed to enrich our lives, spark community vitality and even improve student test scores. They’re also the first to be dismissed as unnecessary frills in budgetary hard times.

With our … Continue Reading


Now Playing at Portland Center Stage: Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin

It’s been said Irving Berlin IS American music. Hershey Felder’s masterful performance captures the character and the music of “America’s Composer” and also the spirit of the American Dream. As we sat on the Main Stage recently, ahead of a … Continue Reading

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The Oregon Trail at Portland Center Stage

Have you ever played the game “The Oregon Trail”? Came out in 1995 on a CD-ROM!!! Now in its 5th edition, “The Oregon Trail” has allowed us to be a carpenter, a farmer, a banker, a housewife (yes they had … Continue Reading

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The Truth Holds

Hold These Truths, a timely and thought-provoking tale of political expediency, racism and resilience, is captivating audiences in the Ellyn Bye Studio of Portland Center Stage at the Armory.

The play, written by Jeanne Sakata, was inspired Continue Reading

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On Location: Portland Center Stage

On the stage now, through October 16, it’s Little Shop of Horrors, the story of Seymourplayed by Nick Cearley, who works on his chances for success and romance with the help of an out-of-this-world plant . On the … Continue Reading

Now Playing: Portland Center Stage

A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, is closing out a brilliant 2015-2016 Season at Portland Center Stage. And as we’ve come to expect, with it comes a high level of artistic, creative, and daring twists and … Continue Reading

The Benefits of Gusbandry

Yes. Spellcheck tried to correct  “gusbandry” to “husbandry”, but that and so many other words that tumble out of the quick-witted writer/director of the new web series is just an example of Alicia J. Rose’s neologistic mind at work. She … Continue Reading

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Rhapsody, A Free Community Concert and Open Mic **NEW ADDITION**

mollyDPlease join us by 6:30 pm on May 8th at Rhapsody and be a part of giving back to the community. Rhapsody is a free event.  The second Sunday of every month, local musicians and audience come together for an … Continue Reading


Now Playing: Portland Center Stage

A work of staggering beauty is on the U.S. Bank Main Stage and must close on May 1st. The Pianist of Willesden Lane is aimed squarely for our times, which as Mona Golabek tells us in our conversation, are doomed … Continue Reading


Drop-In Session: Choreographer Trey McIntyre

Freddie Mercury has enjoyed a revival of sorts since the band recently celebrated 25 years since the final album… not that we have never not loved the music of Queen through the years. Be it in the “classic rock” genre … Continue Reading

Now Playing: Portland Center Stage

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that the producers, directors, and actors at Portland Center Stage are all about turning things upside down, knocking us theatre-goers back on our heels,  and creating new realities for audiences. The fun … Continue Reading

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Each and Every Thing

Each and Every Thing, the newest solo show from award-winning actor/playwright Dan Hoyle, is all about how we experience our sometimes crazy world in the digital age.

For 80-thought-provoking-minutes, Hoyle takes the audience in the Ellen Bye Studio … Continue Reading

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Forever. A Complex Legacy

Dael Orlandersmith doesn’t mess around. She’s firmly connected to her New York City roots, and much like another famous New Yorker, Howard Cosell, Dael has no problem “telling it like it is.”

Now through March 20, 2016 — you’ll find Continue Reading

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Twisted Santaland. Christmas PCS Style!

They’re back!

Two hilarious plays that are quickly becoming a Portland Center Stage holiday tradition.

Twist Your Dickens (Second City) and The Santaland Diaries (David Sedarus) are tearing (and for many, tears are involved) it up in the Pearl District … Continue Reading


Laurie Anderson’s New Feast of Sound & Vision

Laurie Anderson’s new documentary, Heart of a Dog, was made almost by accident, and though it does offer a very unique “dog’s eye view”, there’s so much more to it. A long-time muser on life, art, music, fashion, technology, story-telling, … Continue Reading