Thank you for tuning in to another episode of beat |side, where you can hear some of the best in electronic music, including downtempo, trip-hop, lofi, drum’n’bass, nu jazz and more!

Playlist from August 30th:

1. “Wallflower” by Sevdaliza
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Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Beat Side! We dove deep into trip-hop, the musical style by which I came to appreciate electronic music. I love the the dark, moody, haunting feel that trip-hop offers. Always a great … Continue Reading

Thanks for tuning in last night to another episode of Beat | Side. Technical issues aside, it was a great evening!

Please see the playlist below:

  1. “Cami” by il:lo
  2. “Pollo Sneeps” by Emancipator
  3. “Chimes – Radio Edit” by OTHERLiiNE, George
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Thank you to all who tuned in and joined me for my first show back after an extended break.

Here is the playlist from tonight:

  1. “Reprise – T. Hemingway Remix” by Gold Panda, T. Hemingway
  2. “Making Sense” by Lil Silva
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Portland artists Korgy & Bass, as well as their friend and collaborator Cyrus Nabipoor stopped by PRP studio to chat with Jenna D and Asia Wagner about their new album Remote and the upcoming show at the Mississippi Studios.… Continue Reading