Musician, promoter, and community-builder –Jason Fellman stopped by between rehearsals and consultations to share some exciting news with us! He is a very busy man, who always manages to find time to share exciting information and offer helpful advice.

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Teaming up to highlight the best artists from Portland’s bountiful music scene, two local cultural enterprises are joining forces: Portland Center Stage (PCS) and Portland Radio Project (PRP) have announced the premier of a new concert series, “Local Spins,” to … Continue Reading

Heather brought in Louis Pain and LaRhonda Steele to preview their first CD release together, Rock Me Baby. Pain is known as “Portland’s Boss of the B3”. Pain notes that while, “LaRhonda Steele is Portland’s best-kept secret — this … Continue Reading

Every thriving community understands that children are the future, and invests appropriately into that future. On July 18, 2015 Battle Ground’s Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual youth talent show, as part of the Battle Ground Harvest Days Festival, and … Continue Reading

Like your music to be melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and powerful? You have come to the right band. LiquidLight does all that. Not all at once and in every song they create, but it is an … Continue Reading

Seeing as how beer is made from natural ingredients, you’d think that it would logically follow that beer is organic. In Europe that’s just how it’s done. In fact, the Europeans make organic beer as a matter of course. But … Continue Reading

Let’s begin with a few definitions. From the Oxford Dictionary, “From French renaissance, from re- ‘back, again’ + naissance ‘birth’ (from Latin nascentia, from nasci ‘be born’). (as noun a renaissance) A revival of or renewed interest … Continue Reading

When I first arrived in Portland from NYC, I heard Portland (before it got Brooklynized) very often described as a “big cow-town”.  I guess that spoke to a bit of the provinciality and  maybe even the wild wild west aspect … Continue Reading

A steady stream of local musicians, would-be volunteers and well-wishers made their way to the Tiffany Center’s eighth-floor studio where Portland Radio Project celebrated its launch to the FM dial at 99.1 Friday, May 22, 2015.

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Countless write-ups have spun the magic of Portland and Brooklyn as places you don’t get priced out of. A place you can make a living as a creative, a freelancer. O, it goes on. The New York Times has done … Continue Reading

Dozens of Portland-area musicians are banding together to raise funds for two media outlets that highlight local artists: Portland Radio Project (PRP) and Oregon Music News (OMN). Organized by Portland singer-songwriter Josh Malm (Redwood Son/Red Tree Productions), the event will … Continue Reading

If you are familiar with the work of Richmond Fontaine, you know Willy as its lead singer and also as an acclaimed novelist. You also then might know, Willy likes the darker underbelly of things. He knew from the … Continue Reading

Dennise flew solo today but DJ E Queen will be back in the co-hosting seat in two weeks – so no worries!

Featuring local music and interviews with Portland musicians and cultural innovators, Trixie Pop is the place to bring … Continue Reading

Tim is a transplant from………well everywhere. But Portland is so a touchstone. He’s traveled a lot this year, from California, to the UK, Scotland and most importantly to Brazil which influenced his newest project in an amazing and deep, unexpected … Continue Reading

A chance to enter into the creative world and daily dilemmas and pleasures of a working Portland band! Sam and Christopher bring the Astro Tan story and new music to our studios!




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The Sundown mystery  (which Portland bands will play at the Sundown Summer Concert Series?) has been solved! Ecotrust is out today with its July 2014 lineup:

7/10: The Portland Cello Project
7/17: Magic Mouth with BRAINSTORM
7/24: The Builders Continue Reading