Continuing to write and release new music is par for the course for Portland artist, Brian Copeland. He is about to release a new single, New Wave, on Saturday, November 14 at one of Portland’s beloved venues, Jimmy Continue Reading

Local songwriter and drummer Mike Collins from the band Metts, Ryan & Collins, stopped in the PRP studio on Sunday, November 8, to talk with Rob Rainwater on Songs from the Source.  Click below to listen to the full … Continue Reading

PRPIt is rare that a band is able to easily express what motivates them to stick together through the tough times. It’s even more unusual for the members to have been friends for several years outside of the band. When … Continue Reading

PRPThe lovely and talented Haley Johnsen lit up the Rock Block and PRP studio this week with her delightful presence and beautiful music! Haley and a few of her band members joined us for snacks, a casual chat, and a … Continue Reading

It’s not often that a food cart in Portland can say that no other food cart has the same cuisine. In fact, with the number of operating food carts in PDX, it would seem impossible. The cultures represented among the … Continue Reading

One of the great advantages of Portland’s food carts is the opportunity to enjoy the regional cuisines from many different cultures across the globe. As those cultures have emigrated to the U.S., they’ve influenced the regional cuisines of this country. … Continue Reading

Big thanks to Josh from Redwood Son for hanging with Team Rock Block in to the PRP studio this week! Redwood Son’s music is a genre mashup Josh calls “country funk.” Meaningful, moving lyrics that touch the heart are combined … Continue Reading

The passion for hip hop culture runs deep in Josh, Boyd, and Vince from ADDverse Effects. We’re honored that they shared their passion with PRP’s PDX Rock Block this week. As the only hip hop band in November’s mogo Portland Continue Reading

Quite the party in the studio this last Wednesday on PRP’s PDX Rock Blockemotitron stopped by to share their musical influences, talk about the upcoming mogo Portland Music Festival in November, and share some new, unreleased demos with … Continue Reading

PRPMcMWell, this week has started off with a Bluegrass Bang at McMenamins Al’s Den! Ben Larsen began his week-long residency on Sunday 10/11. He’ll be in residence through Saturday 10/17, making music with different friends every night in the … Continue Reading

Rock Block was proud to host another mogo Portland Music Festival participant this week. Mogo is devoted to bringing the Portland music community together by producing a festival featuring the very best local artists across many different genres, ranging from … Continue Reading

Most folks know that Oregon is home to the fabled Sasquatch, but not everyone knows that Portland houses another mythical beast: The Content Musician.

Bill Rhoades walks into the PRP offices with the gait of a man who knows he’s … Continue Reading


Portland Radio Project and McMenamins are working to bring you the very best in local music – here’s what’s happening this week: Following a long-established Portland tradition, McMenamins Al’s Den is hosting week-long residencies, featuring a variety of fantastic local … Continue Reading

We started the day in workout clothes. But more like the let’s wear this cos it’s so comfortable and still looks less lazy. Our excuse? Liz Vice, is coming from a class at the gym so were dressed in … Continue Reading

This week, Rock Block was proud host to three amazing local bands! Goldfoot stopped by first to give us a taste of their music, talk about an upcoming music festival they have joined, and to share what currently inspires them … Continue Reading

We were so happy to have this band back in the studio again! One of the most fan friendly, generously hearted groups of men playing music in Portland – Metts, Ryan & Collins really “gets it”! Their fans will follow … Continue Reading

Portland Radio Project is proud to be a part of the artist residency program at McMenamins’ Al’s Den! Each week, McMenamins hosts a different visiting band for an entire week, starting on Sunday night and ending on the following Saturday. … Continue Reading

Berahmand is not afraid of commitment! He dropped in this week on the Rock Block to update us on what he’s been doing in the studio and on stage. Even more endearing though, he dropped in as part of his … Continue Reading

What moves you? What makes you move? Perhaps the answers to those questions reveal the meaning of life. Bre and Justin from The Sale dropped in last Wednesday, encouraging us to examine our entire selves through music.


Music can be … Continue Reading

This past Wednesday, we were priveleged to enjoy a lighthearted drop in session with Crystal and Angela Lariza of The Lariza Sisters. The sisters entertained us with a live concert and many nostalgic moments from their childhood. It was … Continue Reading