Perhaps because it’s the “Summer of the Super Moon,” a small ad from RM Parish’s attic floor Oregonian archives rose up from the dark side earlier this week.

According to the paid newspaper announcement, there was a children’s radio program … Continue Reading

Despite the fact that laundry soap doesn’t come in large wooden boxes anymore, the Soap Box Derby (now featuring the words “All American” in its title) rolls on every summer.

Soap Box 2

When the Sunday Oregonian devoted most of its July 24, … Continue Reading

Our President Teddy time capsule Flashback last week prompted an unprecedented outpouring of shock and disbelief.

Not really.

However (here comes the truth), during our research about that compelling historical story, we discovered that Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc. is … Continue Reading

1940 was a banner year for American technological innovation.

One small box of homegrown ingenuity changed home entertainment forever.


Another, many would argue, helped our country win World War II.


And then there was this.

Bathers 11

The two inventions that totally … Continue Reading

The attic archives Oregonian collection of RM Parish continues to provide us with a slightly warped (literally and figuratively) view of 1940. For those into numbers, the information we’re about to share was published nearly 75 years ago.

As you’ve … Continue Reading

Flying in 1940 was cheap! Of course, compared to, as they used to say back then, “nowadays,” it took nearly forever to get to your destination.

Or did it?

The airliner pictured in this 1940 Northwest Airlines’ Oregonian ad was … Continue Reading

The 1940 Chevrolet was, by any standard, a spectacularly ugly automobile. Perhaps it was “The Royal Clipper Styling,” the “Alligator” hood, or the “Knee-Action Chassis?” (Where did these descriptions come from, and what do they mean exactly?).

But, around Portland … Continue Reading

As most of you know, Portland Radio Project has a Rebecca (News Director, Rebecca Webb) on staff. However, you may not be aware that Portland, the City Of has a Rebecca at well.

Yes, AT well.

Rebecca at the … Continue Reading

Cutting-edge science about Portland’s favorite house plant, from 1940.

As Oregon prepares for yet another ballot initiative to legalize recreational “marihuana” and the rest of the country teeters on the edge of “Reeferdom,” about to light up and/or munch on … Continue Reading

Here’s what was playing on the big screen in Portland theaters back in 1940 — some true classics.

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, “Rebecca,” was at the State Theater.  You could see Mae West and W.C. Fields in “My Little Chickadee,” for … Continue Reading

Under the floorboards, down by the drywall.
RM Parish, a contributor to PRP, recently began remodeling an upstairs room in his house. Underneath the well-worn floorboards were dozens of amazingly well preserved issues of THE OREGONIAN, published in the summer
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