Thank you all for tuning in for another set of electronica, downtempo, trip hop, nu jazz and more! Join me every Monday from 8-9.

Here is the playlist from Jan 25th

  1. “Angels (Thievery Corporation Remix)” by Wax Poetic & Norah
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Hi all,

Thank you for joining me for the first show of the New Year! Here is the playlist – one of my favorite ones. Tune in next Monday to catch the latest set of electronica, downtempo, loft, nu jazz, … Continue Reading

Thank you for joining me for an extended episode of beat | side – the last one of 2020! We heard some of my favorites from the past year, a few new releases, and a few throwbacks! You can catch … Continue Reading

Thanks for tuning to another episode of beat |side! Here is the playlist from Monday, December 15:

  1. “Apology” by Darius & Wayne Snow
  2. “Okay” by Slow Corpse*
  3. “Ode to Love” by Tour-Maubourg
  4. “Notice – Moods Remix” by Taku, Moods
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