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Mt. Joy, an up-and-coming Philadelphia-based alternative group, appeared on Discover Weekly playlists last year and again a few months ago with the release of their first full-length album. The record could be the best of 2018, but there’s plenty … Continue Reading

If you live here, you know this truth: Portland is changing.

Most recently, local punk venue and dive bar, The Know, fell victim to Alberta Street’s gentrification. The venue released a social media notice this summer of its pending … Continue Reading

September 9th, 2016

At 8:30 p.m., the Wonder Ballroom is already half-filled. New Joseph merchandise and “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” vinyls are being sold in the back of the misty room.

When the opener, The Duncan Fellows, take stage, … Continue Reading

They had go-go dancers. They wore early 60s tailored suits. Behind the drummer hung the flag of the Royal Air Force. But the RAF performance at the Star Theatre Friday, July 18th, was not a nostalgia show. It was a … Continue Reading

At 74 years young, Ringo Starr is still quite an attraction.  Even though he was often thought of as the least popular Beatle, he can pack the house.


I was in Bend visiting my friends Diane and Steve and they … Continue Reading

I arrived at the Blues Festival at the peak of day seeking relief in the shade – a journey that serendipitously dropped me on the shaded dance floor at The Oregonian Front Porch Stage right at the kickoff of The Continue Reading

Keb Mo played to a sold out show at The Aladdin Theater Wednesday night. You could tell the audience was made up of ardent fans by the questions they threw out and the familiarity they had with each song. His … Continue Reading

An artist of epic proportions, Bruce Cockburn performs at Eugene’s “WOW” Hall.

Canadian folk/rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn (pronounced “Co-Burn”) performed before a full house of fans and music lovers at Eugene’s WOW Hall Tuesday night, chatting briefly between … Continue Reading

It’s been five years since her last album “The List,” but Rosanne Cash is back with a new release that puts to rest any possible doubts about her continued relevancy as a highly and finely skilled musician. Let’s just cut … Continue Reading

Ani DiFranco

In between albums, vulnerable, powerful, and as joyful as ever.

There’s something very special about going to see the prolific poet/singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco when she’s touring free of a new record to promote. Beyond the excitement a wide-open set list … Continue Reading

Amos Lee

Amos Lee and band: a stunning performance that raises the bar, it was a show Eugene fans won’t soon forget.

Promoting his latest “Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song” release, Americana singer-songwriter Amos Lee is currently touring the … Continue Reading

Washed Out

If you weren’t able to make it to Thursday night’s Washed Out concert at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom, you missed out on a very special band and performance.

The 5-member band from Georgia specializes in chillwave genre of music, music that … Continue Reading


Cults is practically set up to produce conflicting emotions. They traffic in shimmering pop songs that, upon repeat listens, go to some pretty dark places. They play music heavily influenced by Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound and ’60s girl groups, … Continue Reading

Chistopher Worth

Don’t get out much anymore? I hear what you’re saying. It’s either a “school night,” or the end of one long week, or you got up too early and the shows start so late!

But having been out more than … Continue Reading

Bonnie Raitt

Authentic and genuine are not words usually associated with rock and roll. Bonnie Raitt, however, is a refreshing exception to this rule of thumb in so many ways. Perhaps that is why the best word to describe her performance on … Continue Reading

Jake Bugg at the Wonder Ballroom

U.K. superstar Jake Bugg played in northeast Portland’s landmark Wonder Ballroom Saturday night before a packed house of delighted concertgoers with a setlist and show most won’t soon forget.

Opening on the smooth, sweet notes of “Fire” – a song … Continue Reading

Robert Randolph at Blues Fest

The lyrics “we’re gonna have a good time” and “put your hands up” aptly describe the upbeat atmosphere when Robert Randolph and the Family Band appeared at the 26th Annual Waterfront Blues Festival on Sunday.

A master of Sacred Steel

Continue Reading
Robert Plant

Awesome does not begin to describe Sunday’s headliner at the 26th Annual Waterfront Blues Festival – Robert Plant Presents the Sensational Space Shifters. We felt privileged to welcome a legendary icon to our city.

The band opened with “Babe I’m … Continue Reading

Miller Stage at Blues Fest

The Waterfront Blues Festival is a dream for blues enthusiasts, but as Blues Fest veterans know, it encompasses other genres as well.

On Thursday, attendees moved and grooved to the sounds of Soul Vaccination. Vocalist Regina K showcased her … Continue Reading