Two-point-seven million strong – that’s the national size of the Girl Scouts, and the Oregon and SW Washington council is part of that puzzle. And just like their sister councils across the country, these girls and volunteers are part of … Continue Reading

​It’s strange to think of human trafficking occurring in our backyard. And it’s not comfortable to think of modern-day slavery existing in our home city or state. But it’s an unpleasant reality.

And according to police reports, the Portland metro … Continue Reading

They say it take a village to raise a child.

But when national statistics place the rate of children born with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at one in every 110 children – maybe it take a foundation to support all … Continue Reading

Amber Sweeney is not shy with her advice to fellow singer-songwriters: Work hard, play nice with others, be a friendly and wonderful person. Practice.

Solid advice from a woman who has been playing her guitar since she was six years … Continue Reading

The nonprofit KUZA takes its name from a Swahili word that encompasses a handful of verbs – to flourish, educate, raise up, develop, praise, exalt, foster and make grow.

And this mission of KUZA is like its name – multi-layered, … Continue Reading

It may be a new organization, but it’s already making waves.

Lents Youth Initiative (LYI) was launched this year as a branch of ROSE (Revitalizing Outer Southeast). And like it’s mother organization, Lents Youth Initiative strives to cultivate community connections, … Continue Reading

When the odds are against you, a helping hand guiding you to success can make all the difference.

That’s the mission of a decades-old North Portland non-profit that identifies young at-risk African-American students and supports them through graduation. And it … Continue Reading

Want to see folks get feisty about their art?

Then drop by Cotton Cloud at 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday and you’ll see people going head-to-head, celebrating the competitive art of performance poetry.

But for all the intensity of this … Continue Reading

Nastacia Voisin & Robert Parish

Some things are too precious to let slip away.

Wisdom of the Elders, a Portland-based non-profit, believes that insight from generations of folklore via stories is one of those things.

The organization records and … Continue Reading

It started with a dream of dancing.

As a young girl in Liberia, Rolia Manyongai-Jones dreamed of teaching African dance in the United States. She wanted to share the rich history of her culture to a multiracial audience through music.… Continue Reading

Last  month, more than 7000 people died in the Nepal Earthquake. As this international tragedy continues to unfold; the story is moving from a headline to an afterthought.


For Dr. Lew Zirkle., founder of SIGN Fracture Care International (SIGN), … Continue Reading

I remember being twelve years old and my Grandmother telling me that she never wanted to live in a nursing home. Above all else she valued her independence and would maintain it at any cost. She was fortunate to have … Continue Reading

Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (also known as High Functioning Autism) at the age of 14, Jonathan Chase is an autism advocate, TedX presenter, Board Member of the Autism Society of Oregon and mentor to parents and youth.

The Portland resident … Continue Reading

Youth Music Project is a nonprofit organization that provides music education for Portland area youth by offering free or low cost lessons to those who qualify along with free instrument use and performance opportunities for all. The Bany family and … Continue Reading

Emily Neelon |

It’s a freezing night on the streets of Portland. The rain seeps into your clothing, chilling your bones as you seek refuge from the weather. The darkness gives each person walking down the street a dangerous edge, … Continue Reading

The Cascade Festival of African Films was created in 1991 by four faculty members from Portland Community College.

In its first year, the festival presented just four films.

Now in its 25th year, the festival has expanded to a … Continue Reading

This holiday week, we’re focusing our Community Voices attention on a festive Portland non-profit: Post5 Theatre Company, a youthful ensemble-based theater for actors and audiences.

Started in 2011, Post5 was the dream of three young men in their mid-20’s … Continue Reading

Folk Art. You don’t need years of formal training, you don’t need expensive materials, you don’t need a studio, an agent, or a gallery.

Folk art is people. People with an idea to express, a feeling to share, and maybe … Continue Reading

Helping others is one of life’s most important aspects today. Our days can get pretty hectic if we just stay in our own little world, not seeing what’s truly needed by others living around us: a single mom in need … Continue Reading

Friends of Dreams

The popularity of youth baseball and softball in Portland has been on the decline for the past several years.

Friends of Baseball, a local non-profit organization, is working to change that.

Founded by a father and son team – … Continue Reading