It was ninety-one degrees here in Portland last Wednesday. Now I really feel like a slacker for not getting my peas in, especially since according to the new USDA growing guide, Portland just got bumped from zone 7 to Continue Reading

Well, sports fans, I don’t have a Carp today.  Today I have a Swish.  Three points!

Last week the big news was the release of a recording of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend that she shouldn’t appear … Continue Reading

Here in Sellwood, we’re getting a new groovy organic non-GMO food store, the Moreland Pantry.  My neighbors and I were all excited about this.  Then we learned that the owner had posted on her Facebook page that she believes homosexuality … Continue Reading

Have you heard about the “Hobby Lobby” case now before the Supreme Court?

Here’s the question: If an aspect of health care violates an employer’s religious beliefs, should they be able to deny those aspects of health care to their … Continue Reading