Here is the playlist from 6/28 show, which originally aired on February 27th.

  1. “Your Good Times Are Just Beginning” by Gold Panda
  2. “Origami” by The Geek x VRV
  3. “The Breakthrough” by Oddisee
  4. “Roam” IHF
  5. “Kiara” by Bonobo
  6. “Days
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Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Beat Side! We dove deep into trip-hop, the musical style by which I came to appreciate electronic music. I love the the dark, moody, haunting feel that trip-hop offers. Always a great … Continue Reading

Thank you to all who tuned in and joined me for my first show back after an extended break.

Here is the playlist from tonight:

  1. “Reprise – T. Hemingway Remix” by Gold Panda, T. Hemingway
  2. “Making Sense” by Lil Silva
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Thank you to everyone who tuned for another encore episode of Beat | Side last night. It was a very special one – my first time on the air, and I got to share it with Jenna D!

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Big thanks to everyone who tuned in to Beat | Side tonight!

I am airing on the safe side and staying home for the next few weeks, but I want the beats to go on! So at least for the … Continue Reading