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Hot dogs are the quintessential American street food. So ubiquitous are hot dogs that every major city and nearly every region of the U.S. has its version of the hot dog. Except Portland. The #1 food city in America does … Continue Reading

Our own Michele Van Kleef stopped by and took the other side of the microphone to talk songwriting with Rob Rainwater at the PRP studio on Sunday, December 20th.  Click below to listen to the full interview including live performances … Continue Reading

There’s an urban legend about deep dish pizza which the residents of Chicagoland seem unable to refute. A legend so pervasive that when presented with the evidence of their misbelief, those who have accepted the legend as fact simply refuse … Continue Reading

Amber Sweeney is not shy with her advice to fellow singer-songwriters: Work hard, play nice with others, be a friendly and wonderful person. Practice.

Solid advice from a woman who has been playing her guitar since she was six years … Continue Reading

“Siri, What Is Turkuaz?”

“Turkuaz is a Turkish Market located near Berkeley College. Or, a 9-piece funk band that ceaselessly tours to spread the Gospel of Funk across the world.”

We learn something new every day.

Five members of the … Continue Reading

Local songwriter and drummer Mike Collins from the band Metts, Ryan & Collins, stopped in the PRP studio on Sunday, November 8, to talk with Rob Rainwater on Songs from the Source.  Click below to listen to the full … Continue Reading

Billed as part Rock & Roll Show, part Family Reunion, local favorites The Druthers paired with Nashville rockers Mockingbird Sun during a spirited Drop-In Session that showed the depth of talent in Portland music. Kristin Taylor welcomed the bands during … Continue Reading

The 9th annual Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction ceremony went off without a hitch this year at the beautiful Aladdin Theater.

The enigmatic Tony Starlight stood as Master of Ceremonies.

The Delines and their opening performance feature tunes off … Continue Reading

The Vegan Beer and Food Festival is coming to Portland. Wait… a vegan beer and food festival that was not in Portland? Too true. The VB&FF got its start six years ago in a large city in the southern section … Continue Reading

by Michele Van Kleef

What happens when you bring in an author and public radio personality, specializing in finance, to a music-based radio station?

Tess Vigeland and I have been friends since we were teenagers in the church choir. Along … Continue Reading

No, Kargi Gogo is not a phrase that describes fast driving or a toddlers way of asking for a ride in the car. Nor is it the name of a New York disco from the seventies. Kargi Gogo is a … Continue Reading

Brian Copeland’s music has been described as a cross between the Beatles, Crowded House and Matthew Sweet. Internationally recognized artists that are staples of PRP’s playlist

Brian Copeland

So – obviously when the Portland-based singer/songwriter came to our studios on March 11, … Continue Reading

One of the hardest-touring and most versatile singer/songwriters on the planet spent some time with PRP recently. We caught up with the charismatic performer before his show at The Aladdin on March 6, 2014.

A Few Highlights of Our Interview

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You wouldn’t think it would have arrived from Denton, Texas — that zen-ish thing. But you never know where brilliance and recognition will strike. Midlake’s new frontman Eric Pulido is the sort of musician I like.  Both in the music … Continue Reading

During December and January, Mr. Palindrome, an Australia-based musician-dad and alumnus of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, has been traveling the west coast celebrating the release his first CD, “Smiley Face Sticker.” His last American stop: … Continue Reading

Forget about triple threats. Marv Ross is a musician, producer, songwriter and playwright. And together with Rindy Ross, he developed a very unique project, The Trail Band. But not before living out some of their wildest dreams.

Back in

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Richmond Fountain

The Portland-based musicians are like many other creatives, with hands in many other projects aside from their story-based group. Now it’s time to collect a deserved accolade courtesy of The Oregon Music Hall of Fame, Class of 2013!

Not … Continue Reading

Norman Sylvester sat down with PRP’s Inessa for a chat and impromptu performance. More with Norman on the way.


Check out Norman’s website.

Ill Lucid Onset

For Ill Lucid Onset, early 2012 was a time of personnel changes and a move into the future. The EP, Lives in Me was a timestamp and nod to the past. Now, nothing’s too precious when it comes to … Continue Reading

Chance, Inessa, Ian

Chance Hayden and Ian James couldn’t be more different with their musical approach. One is the theorist and the other plays by ear. The math adds up to something very tasty!



The Many Flavors of Music

Chance and … Continue Reading