Well, sports fans, I don’t have a Carp today.  Today I have a Swish.  Three points!

Last week the big news was the release of a recording of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend that she shouldn’t appear in pictures with black men or bring Magic Johnson to Clippers games.

Fans and players, not to mention the NBA leadership, were talking sanctions.  Should we fine him? Give him a heads up?  That we’re in a post-racism world?  Any two-and-a-half million dollar fine isn’t going to get the attention of a man worth almost 2 billion.  So what else can you do?  Fans boycott, teams refuse to play?  Corporate sponsors started to desert.  Here in Portland, fans were waiting anxiously to see how the league would respond.

But just as Rip City and the Green Sports Alliance have led the way in protecting our environment, the world of sports has long led the way in changing our attitudes towards people of diverse backgrounds and colors.

So now comes the news that Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life. He’s still fabulously wealthy.  But according to the Portland Business Journal, Adidas is back to sponsoring the Clippers.  And for most of us, it’s good to confirm that our intolerance for bigotry is bigger even than our love of being in the play-offs.

Swish. Three points!

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