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Sounds of PDX with The Adio Sequence: The evolution of a band.

I think the common thread of my favorite bands is that they all have evolved their sound through their careers. The growth of recording artists is a fascinating topic to me so I invited The Adio Sequence to come in and discuss this engaging subject. In 2006-2007, The Adio Sequence started creating music and quickly gathered a large following. With the success of the Shine On Ep and their full length release, Follow The Sun, the band was able to tour, write, and take part in the evolution process. Lead singer and guitarist, Travis Williams explained that part of the evolution process of a band could be taking time away to work on other endeavors and that is exactly what happened.  Josh Myer (lead guitar) and Dan Lawrence (drums) helped form another local Alt-Rock powerhouse, Lucy Gray while Travis helped form the captivating band, Mosby. During the show Travis spoke about playing in loose jam session with Josh and Dan while they were still in other projects. He said that as they ran through their old songs together “It just felt right”. So the evolution of art has brought Travis, Dan, and Josh back together to be joined by Stephen Branch on bass and Josh Clark on keys and guitar.

2016-05-19 20.46.34-2We had a unique approach to this weeks PDX Spotlight Playlist to highlight a bands evolution. We played back to back tracks of the bands that we wanted to highlight. Take a look at the playlist below and let me know if you agree with our selections. During the program we spoke about the importance of expanding your music as a writer and a listener. The band was also kind enough to bring in a brand new single to our listeners. At the end of the show we had the debut of the new song, “Electric Body”. I’m a huge fan of this track and really love the direction the band is going. Side note, I also got a sneak peek at the video for the single. Fans old and new will not be disappointed with what the band is working on.

The Adio Sequence will be having a CD release party on June 11th and I’m sure it will be one to remember. The band and I had a wonderful time, good laughs, and plenty of deep thoughts in our conversation.

Please enjoy my interview and the new single from The Adio Sequence.

PDX Spotlight Playlist 

Sink Or Swim / The Adio Sequence

Animal / Pearl Jam

Just Breathe / Pearl Jam

Give It Away / Red Hot Chili Peppers

Scar Tissue / Red Hot Chili Peppers

Privilege / Incubus

Isadore / Incubus

Bones / Radiohead

Idioteque / Radiohead

Homebrew / 311

Champagne / 311

Silent All These Years / Tori Amos

Strange Little Girl / Tori Amos

People Of The Sun / Rage Against The Machine

Be Yourself / Audioslave

Julia / Our Lady Peace

Heavyweight / Our Lady Peace

Super Bon Bon / Soul Coughing

Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future / Mike Doughty

Shiver / Maroon 5

Give A Little More / Maroon 5

Hey You! / The Adio Sequence

Electric Body / The Adio Sequence

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