Rae Gordon: Another Journey to Memphis

Ms. Persistent, Ms. Let’s Do This Thang Again.  Whatever you call her, Rae Gordon is certainly resilient. She and her band are heading back to Memphis to represent the Cascade Blues Association at the 2015 International Blues Challenge. In 2014, her band reached the semi-finals and will be well-prepared this time for the pressure this kind of competition brings.  Just to be nominated is quite an achievement with all the outstanding Blues and R&B acts in the region. If you have never heard this amazing talent, check out a description I read recently:  “Add equal parts of Janis Joplin’s pain, Aretha Franklin’s soul and Grace Slick’s power; mix them thoroughly, and add a big gob of gooey molasses and you have Rae Gordon’s voice”.  And that barely scratches the surface!   blue-lemonade Better yet, buy her new self-produced recording “Blue Lemonade” which showcases her amazing range; from soulful blues to uptempo get-you-out-of-your-seat gospel. Each time a nominee is selected to represent the others, then the real work begins.  It takes an incredible amount of fundraising to afford the plane tickets and hotel accommodations, food and transportation as they wind down to “Memphis time”. So let’s all cross our fingers and guitar strings and help Rae bring home the prize!

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  1. Rae Gordon
    Rae Gordon says:

    Thank you so much for such sweet words! We are looking forward to some fun’raising, emphasis on fun! People can check out http://www.raegordon.com for updates on the front page. And yes….we WILL do T-shirts again! Looking forward to going back and taking care of unfinished business in Memphis! Thank you Portland!


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