A wealth of fundraising events, art, music, spoken word, bluegrass festivals and more await you in this weeks PRP team concert picks!


Inessa’s picks:

ART PEACE Reception at the Q Center. “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place with no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things, and still be calm in your heart.”
The Surendorf Foundation bridges generations of peaceful love through art with the youth through the Rainbow Arts Project. Come join us for the 3rd annual art show at the Q Center hosted by the Surendorf Foundation.
The Reception is a way to meet artists, and most of all support the many efforts to keep the “ART PEACE” concept flowing into the schools who are now up against racial tension and bullying all the way down to the kindergarten level.

ART PEACE @ Q Center
4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland
Thursday, May 11th
5 pm – 8 pm | Free


See the Facebook event page for a very thorough description of SeepeopleS and American roots band, Balto. Hosted at Paris Theatre.

SeepeopleS with Balto (Unofficial Flaming Lips After Party) @ Paris Theatre
Friday, May 12th
6 SW Third Ave, Portland
10 pm | Free Admission with ticket stub from The Flaming Lips show at the Roseland/$8 without ticket stub

The Park Blocks Bluegrass Festival is a two-day music festival in downtown Portland with over twenty bands, libations poured on site, workshops, and all day picking and jams. Proceeds of the festival will go towards funding a new overnight homeless shelter in downtown. Get your tickets today!


Parks Blocks Bluegrass Fest
Parks Blocks, near First Congregational Church, 1126 SW Park Ave, Portland
Saturday, May 13, 11 am (to May 14, 1 am)
All Ages!

Inessa is the PRP Music Director and Creative Services and is responsible for many great blog posts, interviews and Drop-In Sessions.


Inessa & Teri’s pick:

B.R. Mt., Kathryn Claire & Arrows in Orbit play The Fixin’ To tomorrow night. The lovely lass, Kathryn Claire, will beguile all those in attendance! See the Facebook event page (link below) for all the details on the bands.

Kathryn also appeared on the Portland Playlist, and played a Drop-In Session with Saturday Joe & Inessa.

B.R. Mt., Kathryn Claire, Arrows in Orbit @ The Fixin’ To
8218 N Lombard St, Portland
Thursday, May 11th
9 pm


Jen’s picks:

(from Doug Fir website:) “Gifted folk singer and songwriter Anais Mitchell will be at the Doug Fir Lounge. Her appearance comes right after her folk opera Hadestown – an opus based on her 2010 album of the same name – received seven nominations for the 32nd annual Lucille Lortel Awards honoring off-Broadway musicals. Hadestown lead the year’s nominations alongside Sweeney Todd. Incredible stuff for an incredible storyteller – and exciting to hear her talents breaking through to new audiences!
Portland’s own Hip Hatchet kicks things off. Hip Hatchet presents rustic, carefully orchestrated folk songs. Like the songsmiths before him, (Phillippe) Bronchtein places emphasis on the songs’ lyrics that revolve around loneliness, camaraderie, home and love.”

This will be an emotional and moving night of folk music from two very talented storytelling musicians.

Anais Mitchell, Hip Hatchet @ Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside Street, Portland
Thursday, May 11
8 pm | $13-15


Human Ottoman and Kulululu – merged as Humululuman – will be releasing two tracks at this show!
I saw the new Humululuman video, and I can promise an intense night of the joyful celebration of music! They will be at Fremont Theater this Friday night – a show you won’t want to miss – with Abronia.
Human Ottoman also appeared on Sounds of PDX with Luke Neill & Jen EmListen to that episode HERE.

Human Ottoman, Kulululu and Abronia @ Fremont Theater
2393 NE Fremont Street, Portland
Friday, May 12th
8:30 | $5


In this often emotionally-charged and ever-surprising political climate, many of us have found ourselves floundering for a way to express ourselves through some sort of creative outlet. Join Gloria Harrison, Sean Davis, Riley Fox, Coor Cohen, Quenby Moon, Kimberly Bradford, Lesley Harper, Thomas McElroy & the Slip of the Tongue, Ty Phelps & The Body Electric and emcee Jen Emerson for a night of creative expression and an opportunity to help fundraise for the independent, award-winning, investigative journalism publication, Propublica. There will be stand-up comedy, spoken word, music and a merch table, all at the Ash Street Saloon, and all proceeds go to Propublica. Special thanks to Storm Large for her merch donations, including Vigantic t-shirts!

Mother Tongue: A Fascism Fighting Variety Show @ Ash Street Saloon
225 SW Ash Street, Portland
Sunday, May 14th
8:30 | $10 suggested donation

You can catch Fresh Spins with Jen Em every Friday, 10 am – noon on PRP.


Teri’s Picks:

The Heavy Hustle, Static and Surrender, Nathan Earle of The Get Ahead play Ash Street Saloon Thursday night.

Nathan will also take part in the 12th annual Bob Dylan tribute show at Alberta Street Pub on Sunday night.

The Heavy Hustle, Static and Surrender, Nathan Earle @ Ash Street Saloon
225 SW Ash Street, Portland
Thursday, May 11th
8 pm | $10


If you’re a fan of storytelling and song, Moody Little Sister is the band for you! They’ll be at Laurelthirst Public House on Saturday for an early, free, and all ages show from 12-2 pm!
Moody Little Sister also appeared on The Portland Playlist for a Drop-In Session.

Moody Little Sister @ Laurelthirst Public House
2958 NE Glisan Street, Portland
Sunday, May 14th
Noon | Free
All Ages!

You can follow Teri’s work with the PRP street team on her Facebook page, Teri’s Tunes PDX.

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