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Beat | Side playlist from March 8: Women in Electronic Music

On this year’s International Women’s Day, I wanted to honor and celebrate all the phenomenal women making a significant mark on electronic music scene. When I first started listening to electronica, as a young teen, I can hardly recall any female artists, other than the ones who collaborated as vocalists with male producers. I am so thrilled that the landscape of this genre is finally changing.

Thank you to all who have tuned in and stayed around for a bit longer to enjoy the music by these incredibly talented, international women.

Below is the playlist from March 8th with a brief background on each artist. Enjoy!


“Unpaintable” by Tsar B

Tsar B is Justine Bourgeus, a Belgian bedroom producer, who is a classically trained violinist. She released her debut EP Tsar B in 2016 and has been making music since. Her style floats between trip-hop and electronica with elements of R&B. Her latest release Unpaintable came out in the fall of 2020.


“On” by Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly, a Welsh electronic music producer, had a phenomenal year last year with the release of her full-length album Inner Song. The album was really well received by the global music community. Kelly is a masterful songwriter as well as a powerful beat maker.


“Air” by CloZee and Sauvane

CloZee – Chloé Herry is a French electronic music producer who was sure staying busy in 2020. She released her album Neon Jungle earlier in the year and followed it up with Neon Jungle Remixes, which featured collaborations with many prominent producers.

Sauvane is a French, electro pop musician and vocalist.


“La Perla – Edit” by Sofia Kourtesis

Peruvian-born artist, Sofia is currently residing and producing music in Berlin. She draws from her roots when writing music and she frequently sings in her native language. She  released two tracks in 2021 that are upbeat and fun!


“Home” by Hania Rani

Hania (full name Hanna Raniszewska) is a Polish-born, classically trained pianist, composer, and vocalist. She collaborated with prominent electronic music producers like Christian Löffler and most recently released two beautiful singles with Portico Quartet.


“One Day (feat. Bibi Bourelly & Jean Deaux) by TOKiMONSTA

TOKiMONSTA is Jennifer Lee, LA-based electronic producer and a heavy-hitter beat maker in the industry. She has been producing and performing for over a decade and has established herself not only as a strong musician, but also a savvy business woman, with the creation of Young Art Records.


“Mine” by George Maple

George Maple is actually Jess Higgs, an Australian-born, currently based in LA, vocalist, songwriter, and music producer, and a multi-media artist. Her style floats between electronica and trip hop with beautiful vocals at the center.


“One Girl Among Many – Asmara Remix” by Yazz Ahmed

Yazz is a British-Bahraini trumpeter. She skillfully floats between the lines of jazz and electronic music and she draws heavily from her heritage. She describes her music as “psychedelic Arabic jazz”.


“I Won’t Forget” by Logic1000

Samantha Poulter is an Australian-born, Berlin-based music producer whose signature style is reminiscent of the early 2000s techno vibe. I have only recently learned about her, and I have to say that her music is bringing back a little nostalgia to simpler days and late nights at techno clubs.


“Sail To The Sun (feat. Machinedrum)” by Angelica Bess

Angelica is an American, Brooklyn-based musician who seamlessly blends elements of neo-soul and electronica, with some hints of jungle. She frequently collaborates with Machinedrum, and Chrome Sparks.


“See Me Thru” by Madame Gandhi

Kiran Gandhi is an American electronic music producer, drummer and activist. She has earned three degrees: Mathematics and Gender Studies from Georgetown University, and an MBA from Harvard. She is also a very celebrated musician and has been featured in the New York Times, Billboard, and NPR.


“lagged – Yppah Remix by Natasha Kmeto

This list could not be complete without our hometown hero! Natasha is a Portland-based  multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist and electronic music producer. Her style marries elements of electronica, house, and techno, which are wrapped in lush vocals. Natasha released her LP you’ve never danced alone in the second part of 2020, and most recently she released a couple of singles with Yppah.


“Bluecid” by Sevdaliza

Sevdaliza is Sevda Alizadeh – Iranian-Dutch singer, songwriter, and producer. I would say she is the epitome of modern-day trip hop. Her beautiful, haunting vocals are at the center of her music. She draws heavily from her Persian heritage, which frequently comes through in her arrangements. Her most recent, critically acclaimed album Shabrang is an incredible 15-track deep dive into self-discovery. I love her music and her storytelling.


“Lunar Moonlight” by KAJAMA

Kajama is a formation of two South African sisters Nandi and Nongoma Ndlovu. They are described as future-soul and electronic music composers. Their music is a bass and beat rich, vocal forward feast for the ear.


“I Adore” by Laura Misch

Laura – saxophonist, songwriter, vocalist and producer – comes from London UK. Laura’s music is a fusion of jazz and electronic music. She frequently features saxophone in her arrangements. Beautiful, gentle vocals give her songs depth and warmth. She frequently collaborates with her brother Tom Misch, who also is an accomplished musician. I just love musical families!


“Papi Pacify” by FKA twigs

FKA twigs is a name that doesn’t need much introduction. Born Tahliah Debrett, FKA is an English multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. For nearly a decade since releasing her first EP, she has achieved great commercial success. Her musical style is an amalgamation of many different genres, wrapped in electronic arrangements. Her most recent single Don’t Judge Me was released earlier this year.


“You Don’t Know Me” by Roseau

Roseau aka Kerry Leatham is an English vocalist, songwriter, music producer, and an occasional rapper. She has collaborated with great electronic music producers, such as Bonobo and Lapalux.


“Clarity” by Szjerdene

London born Szjerdene is a vocalist, songwriter and a producer of minimalist electronica intertwined with elements of neo soul and downtempo. She has been a long-time collaborator of Bonobo and has worked with Lapalux and Robin Hannibal.


“Isolate” by Maya Jane Coles

Maya is a London-based musician, producer, and DJ. Her music is a mixture of house and downtempo. Her most recent release is a 19 track LP Full Circle (Delux).


“Can You Hear Me” by TSHA

TSHA is an incredible young talent out of London. Singer, producer, and artist TSHA has been declared “one to watch” by NME, Mixmag, Billboard, DJ Mag and BBC R1.” Her latest release, a four track EP Flowers, was incredibly well received. It is full of fun, upbeat rhythms that draw from her African heritage.


“Hyperballad” by Björk



Thanks so much! Till next time.










Sources: Artist’s websites and Spotify, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud pages.

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