Pink Martini

Pink Martini fans thirsty for new arrangements and compositions – your wait has ended. 

“Je Dis Oui!” Pink Martini’s 9th studio release will be featured tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 16 at the Keller Auditorium. Portland Radio Project’s Bob Knowles will be in attendance, staying true to PRP’s mission of keeping our pulse on the city’s best music.

The new album (title translating to “I Say Yes”) features eight different languages of chansons and standards from around the globe. It’s another wonderfully played and presented tour de force from Portland’s own “Little Orchestra.” 

Produced by Thomas Lauderdale and Kyle Mustain, “Je Dis Oui” showcases stellar guest talent from multiple continents in engaging and uplifting tracks. Dig through the album cover-to-cover, and you’ll find arrangements featuring  accomplished talents including Ari Shapiro, Ikram Golden, Kathleen Saadat and Rufus Wainwright. Portland’s own China Forbes and Storm Large are musical titans in their own right, but when backed with the horn, string and rhythm sections of this 15-piece band, every show becomes an intimate showcase of talent.

One could easily walk away from a Pink Martini show simply impressed by their versatility: sophisticated pop mixes with playful jazz, adding languages like spices, and delivering the entire affair with precision.

Tonight’s performance will begin another love affair with Pink Martini. The only challenge? Choosing our next favorite Pink Martini song.

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