I’m not a grammar grouch.  Okay, I am a grammar grouch.  And I’ve got just one grammar-related thing to say.

I’ve been waiting for somebody, Noam Chomsky or the President, SOMEBODY, to make an announcement, but apparently they’re not going to.  So this is my grammar public service announcement.

You don’t LAY down, people.  You LIE down.  “To lay” means “to put.”  If you say “I’m going to lay down,” you just said, “I’m going to put down.”  Put down what?  You need to say what you are laying down, even if it’s just yourself.  “I lay myself down on the couch!”  “To lie” means to rest or recline, or to tell a fib.  Here’s an easy way to remember it.  People lie down, chickens lay eggs.  Now, if you lay down yesterday, that’s OK, because it’s past tense. If you lay something down, that’s OK, because you put something down.

You can tell a lie, and you can lie down.

Got it?  Thank you.

I’m going to go LIE down now.

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