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Nike held its annual shareholder’s meeting Sept. 19. It was a good way to get an inside look at the comings and goings of Oregon’s wealthiest home-grown company. The world’s largest shoe and sports apparel company employs about 4,000 people at its Beaverton headquarters. Like entering the land of Camelot, the sprawling 200-acre campus contains an Olympic-sized swimming pool, gym, soccer fields, running tracks, a pub, restaurant and sparkling lake Nike. Buildings are named after major sports figures and walkways frame bronze stations showing popular athletes busts and descriptions.

At the meeting, Phil Knight, co-founder and still chairman of the board, presided. He was in a chipper mood since Nike’s stock had just hit an all-time high. The company’s four major divisions: Converse; Hurley; Golf; and home Nike swoosh brand are all growing in revenue.

The only negative note was that sales in China are down 3 percent. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, was present from the Nike board of directors. In the future, Nike’s growth may turn more toward digital technology, according to Nike president Trevor Edward. Nike and Apple already partner with an award-winning iPod/iPhone health sensor.

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