By Emily Neelon |

As a kid, I’d walk to the library once a week and check out as many books as I could carry home in my arms. I was forever wandering through the aisles with a sense of adventure just waiting to be found as I scanned the stacks for a new story to take my mind off of reality. I grew up with the colorful characters contained between the pages of my favorite novels, floating down the river on a raft with Huck Finn or roaming aimlessly through the streets of New York with Holden Caulfield.

Based in Brooklyn, New York and Portland, Oregon, Late Night Library is a grown-up community of individuals who share my childhood fascination with literature. Founded in 2011, this non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting literature in schools and supporting authors starting off their writing careers. Late Night Library has been successful in sustaining book culture in a world where many people no longer have the time to aimlessly wander the book aisles of their neighborhood library.

Joining forces with community partners Cave Canem, Literary Arts, Northwest Academy and Propeller, Late Night Library has launched various programs to bring light to Pacific NW talent and  catalyze conversations about literature. These programs include Late Night Media podcasts, Literary Voices educational programs, the Visiting Writers Series and the Debut-Litzer Prizes, a writing contest for up-and-coming North-American writers.

Below we hear from Doug Cornett of the Visiting Writer’s Series, Paul Martone, Executive Director of Late Night Library and local author Natalie Serber.