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The new station is coming together, and live shows will be back on the air soon! I cannot wait to play all the new music I have been collecting and curating over the past couple of weeks as we transitioned from the Historic Day Theater to Zidell Yards. In the meantime, I’d love to share some music with you, Beautiful Music Lover.

Now, I’m not planning to post a Jen’s Jam of the Day every day. However, I might post from time to time, when a song is really on my mind’s jukebox on repeat, and I feel it’s one you shouldn’t miss. You know, as opposed to like when “I’m Too Sexy” gets stuck. Not that there is a dang thing wrong with Right Said Fred, it’s just that, like a Beatles’ song, you’ve probably heard such.
But maybe you haven’t yet heard this Weyes Blood song. Or maybe you haven’t heard of the LA artist Weyes Blood as of yet.

This song started popping up repeatedly today while I was out working on the property. Later on, whilst I listened to my next show’s playlist (Air Date Pending) it came on! I was so glad, because I hadn’t been able to place where I had heard that song or which playlist to search through. So I relaxed, and it came my way.

And now here I present to you:

Weyes Blood “A Lot’s Gonna Change” via Bandcamp
Weyes Blood “A Lot’s Gonna Change” via the artist’s YouTube (It is a static screen – no video – but I’m pretty sure they get paid per view or subscriber or somesuch.)



Read the lyrics here:

“A Lot’s Gonna Change” by Weyes Blood

If I could go back to a time before now
Before I ever fell down
Go back to a time when I was just a girl
When I had the whole world
Gently wrapped around me
And no good thing could be taken away
If I still believe that hearts don’t lie
You’re gonna be just fine

But, babe
A lot’s gonna change
In your lifetime
Try to leave it all behind
In your lifetime
Born in a century lost to memories
Falling trees, get off your knees
No one can keep you down
If your friends and your family
Sadly don’t stick around
It’s by time you’ll learn to get by

‘Cause you got what it takes

In your lifetime
Try to leave it all behind
In your lifetime

Let me change my words

Show me where it hurts

Songwriters: Natalie Mering
A Lot’s Gonna Change lyrics © SC Publishing Dba Secretly Canadian Pub.
Source: LyricFind


Piggybacking on that post…
Last week’s jam was definitely “Lonely” by Geowulf, a band hailing from all over, but stationed now in London.
Check out the video on YouTube, I was struck by the artist’s vulnerability and strength.

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