Have you heard about the “Hobby Lobby” case now before the Supreme Court?

Here’s the question: If an aspect of health care violates an employer’s religious beliefs, should they be able to deny those aspects of health care to their employees? Even if those employees don’t share those beliefs.

This could have an effect on a huge number of U.S. citizens. And we could be talking about not just contraception. Could employers opt out of funding vaccinations, blood transfusions, or mental health care? Never mind that MSNBC reported Thursday that Hobby Lobby’s 401(k) plan is heavily invested in pharmaceutical companies that produce contraceptive drugs. They could have divested those holdings instead of attempting to turn the First Amendment into Silly Putty, to justify yet another attack on the Affordable Health Care Act.

I used to teach the Constitution. The point of religious freedom as protected by the First Amendment, as I understand it, was to keep a minority from imposing their religion upon others as a mandate.

Which is what this sounds like to me. The Supreme Court could decide to give private employers the right to impose their religious beliefs on their employees to the point of restricting their access to health care.

I’m Brenda Stevens, and this is my Carp O’Diem.

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