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Fresh Spins with Jen Em, Ep. 8 Playlist is here!

Fresh Spins with Jen Em

Fresh Spins with Jen Em, Ep. 8


F#m by Korgy & Bass

Chemicals by Rosemary Fairweather
Foreign Bodies by Radiation City
In the Shadows by Foreign Air
Shallow by Beach Fossils
Heaven by Frankie Rose

Pale Ghosts by Gayle Skidmore (from Bandcamp)
Empress by Morningsiders
Stuck in a Second by Wildhart
Ivan by Von Sell
Fast 11 11 by SK3L3TONS

Burden by Tender
City Sleepers by Honey Bones
Benny by Mauno
Sun Went Black by Springtime Carnivore
All the Time in the World by WoodysProduce
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