Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 116

Beautiful Music Lover! Best show ever!

So glad for all the action on the Talk Board – I love hearing how much you love this amazing music! Thank you for tuning in today. Without you, I would just be playing music for myself. Which, while I do do that all the time, it’s not as fulfilling as sharing it with other Beautiful Music Lovers. Thank you!

Also so grateful for all the musicians putting their heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into creating and sharing their art. Without you, Beautiful Music Makers, it would just be Dead Air 😉

I did put a specific ask out there – and to reiterate, if you have any curiousity* or experience with getting people passionate about music on board for sponsorships, I would LOVE your help! We’ve got a new show in the works for Friday drive time that is gonna knock Portland’s socks off. Sponsors for both that and Fresh Spins – AMAZING! Particularly breweries and Happy Hour food for the new show! To find out more, and to find out how you can help, hit me up at

Don’t forget that Fresh Spins is now on Insta: @freshspinswithjenem

See you on the Airwaves!

~ Jen Em
*I spell it that way on purpose. I like the way it looks better, and it makes more sense to me. Side note: I read that a lot of the letters removed from British English for American usage was due to the telegrams and how each letter had a cost associated with it. !!


We heard from these talented musical artists today:

Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 116
January 10, 2020

Next Bus by Korgy & Bass

Bus de nuit by pâle regard
Fallin’ by Slowdaze
With Our Eyes Closed by Tape Tension
Fill Lungs by Dot.s
Forever and More by Jaguar Sun
For the Time Being by Erlend Øye, La Comitiva

Visitor by Astronauts, etc.
Good Apple by Chloe Frances
Attitude by First Beige
Lost in Yesterday by Tame Impala
Pre Memory Circle by Rejoicer
Never Bored by Baseball Gregg, Jimmy Kraft

Gold by JW Francis
Clay by Sinqa
Rex by Operator Music Band
Fire Flower by Summer Salt
Uneventful Days – St Vincent Remix by Beck

Fool by Choo
No No (Video Edit) by Scott Hirsch
Loveliness by The Charities
Talk by Noya Rao
Mantra Moderne by Kit Sebastien
Álom by Bella Boo
The Don by Moderator

Me and Bonnie by Freedom Fry

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