Fresh Spins with Jen Em Playlists, episodes 101-103

Jen Em at PRP Studios, Zidell Yards

Beautiful Music Lover!

We’re in the new studio at Zidell Yards and man, it is GREAT! I super love our new home. And the music that has been rolling outta there … well, we’re the most musically diverse station in town for a reason!

Speaking of super cool music, some of the Fresh Spins Super Fans have been asking for the playlist links for past shows, and I think that’s a great idea!

Without further adieu, here’s what has played on Fresh Spins with Jen Em for the last 3 episodes. I know you’ll be tuning in next Friday, and every Friday, to the coolest show on the airwaves – 10 am to Noonish, right here on the one and only, Portland Radio Project!

The playlist that will include episodes 101-107 (after they air) can be found HERE.

Fresh Spins – episode 103

Fresh Spins with Jen Em – episode 103
aired October 4, 2019

Presence by Deepak Chopra
It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood by Mister Rogers
Pyr by Knowmadic

Vamono by Buscabulla
Dub in the Sunshine by Hollie Cook
Hello Sunshine by Cat Hoch
Wave to Wave by Richard Houghten, Fabio Barros
Summer Blu by Sunni Colon

Kids in the Sky by Das Kope
Church (feat EARTHGANG) by Samm Henshaw
Learn Your Lesson – Photay Remix by Madison McFerrin
Gabriel by Y La Bamba
What Was Lost Was Found by Modern Nomad

Thriving by CoryaYo
Kool Musik by Yung Heazy
Que Linda by Monster Rally
Gravel by Demon Days
Crime of a Scene by Von Sell
Shirim by Melody’s Echo Chamber

Sa Mo Jung by TOKiMONSTA
Farther Away by Sam Valdez
All of Everything by The Luyas
Prefusify by Cosmo Sheldrake
Whistling by Moonchild

That Girl by Esthero
Only She Knows by Loving
Let’s Face the Music and Dance by Jeff Goldblum and Sharon Von Etten
Robbery by Lime Cordiale
Love You Madly by Pomplamoose

Sao Paulo Sunset by Saib


Mags is a Fresh Spins with Jen Em SUPER FAN

Fresh Spins – episode 102     <– (this episode is Super Fans ocjo & Mags’s favorite so far!)

Fresh Spins with Jen Em, ep 102
aired September 27, 2019

Nurturing by Deepak Chopra

New York Band Plays New York Venue by Pool Cosby

Super Rich Kids by Sly5thAve
Ponte Bajo El Sol by Mystic Braves
Lonely by Geowulf

Time to Be Alive by Freedom Fry
On the Bright Side by Blockhead
A Lot’s Gonna Change by Weyes Blood
Welcome State by Elder Island
Flourish by Vacationer
Different State of Mind by Kid Bloom

Where Is Your Mind? by NVDES
Daydream by Nicolaas, Millionyoung
Nothing to Lose by Zola Courtney
Spread Too Thin (feat Lindsay Olsen) by Joomanji

Chimes by Washed Out
Go Out by Litany
Kind of Love by Tasha
Feels Good by Okey Dokey, Devon Gilfillian
Paradise by Brahny

Keeping Tabs (feat Suscat0) by Cuco
Blue by Hope Tala
Peaches by Miynt
The Fool by Overcoats
A Promise Is a Promise by Lee Fields & The Expressions
Shell Snake by Monster Rally
Allowance by VV Lightbody

Don’t Look Back by Club des Belugas, Maya Fadeeva


Fresh Spins – episode 101

Fresh Spins with Jen Em – ep 101
August 30, 2019

Lost in the Sauce by King Garbage
Sa Mo Jung by TOKiMONSTA
My Dearest Friend by Manatee Commune
Heavenly by Rosemary Fairweather
Breathe by Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Waste of Time – Jungle Remix by M0
The Talkative Mailman Can’t Read by L’Orange
Big Picture by La Battue
Forbidden Lovers by King Garbage
I Threw a Rock Into the Sea by Cosmo Sheldrake

Black Truck by Mereba
My Room is White (Flying Lotus Remix) by Mia Doi Todd
Smothering Green by Grizzly Bear
Fabric by Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn
Shiver by Marley Carroll

Yaskool by Bobbing
Jaago by Lifafa
Here on My Own by Swardy
Your Life is Now by Eckhart Tolle
Entre Los Dos by Y La Bamba
Underwaterfall by Bearcubs

Marilyn by Mount Kimbie, Micachu
Overexcited (feat Kishi Bashi) – Japanese Version
Crime of a Scene by Von Sell
Confessions by Sudan Archives

Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys

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