Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 111

Greetings and Salutations from beautiful Mount Tabor!

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope that you found so, so, so many reasons to give thanks, Beautiful Music Lover. I hope you got a full belly and were surrounded by love, support and friendship. Be sure to think about your friends and loved ones who may not have a ready community or family or support system – the holidays are that season when everyone gets busier and harder to reach, all at the same time, and for anyone who already feels a sense of disconnect, that can feel devastating. So in the midst of your shopping or making other connections or party planning, be sure to reach out. Just hearing a “hello! I’ve been thinking about you!” can make a huge difference in someone’s day. 🙂

I also took the reflection opportunity to pore over my iCloud photos and found this gem from our old studios at the Day Theatre

As I said, I’ve been house sitting on Mount Tabor. It’s a beautiful, enormous house – clients of mine since probably 2015. I went through the death of one of their dogs and now am learning how to cohabitate and communicate with their new dog, Django. His furry dog companion, Nita, and I go way back. It has been a great opportunity to be alone and reflect on the past year – and yes, even the past decade. The “end of the year” marks a great time for that sort of reflection.

My main music player is providing that same opportunity, with lists of my most played songs in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and the decade at large. Of course, as music is such an integral and important part of my life, those songs tell their own stories. Relationships, longings, feeling love, losing love… and lots and lots of Deepak and Dudley Evenson, my life boats during some of my darkest days. If computer algorithms made your “best of” playlists for the past year, what would that sound like? Hey, if you’re lucky, (and I think you are!) it would include a lot of Fresh Spins songs, much like the stellar line up we had last Friday.

Below you’ll find the songs and a link to the playlist for episode 111 on Spotify. I hope you deeply enjoy them!

See you tomorrow on the airwaves…and hey, if you’re on your game, I’ll see ya tomorrow night at the Holiday Bash at Holocene! Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh

~ DJ Jen Em


Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 111
November 29, 2019

Spaced by Vacationer

Mornin Dew by Sunni Colon
Touch by Ghostly Kisses
The Rink by FIG, Julian Kaufman
Waves by Pink Skies
Sunday Blues – Shuko & The Breed Remix by Julianna Townsend, Shuko, The Breed

Scale it Back by DJ Shadow, Little Dragon
don’t let it stress by Sweeps
Capillary by Human Bloom
Suit of Armour by Danika Smith
Let It Ride by The Soundcarriers

Why I Came To California by Dent May
Titas (Beloved Ones) by IGBO, Nick Hakim
Glowflake by Pogo
Don’t Give Up by Lee Fields & The Expressions
Leaning On Myself by Anna of the North
How Long by Rose Elinor Dougall

Fundo by Flughand
Little Colorful Mind by Goth Babe
100 Roses by FKJ
All the Flowers by Bibio
Petal by Raveena
Please Won’t Please by Helado Negro

Happiness Seems a Hell of a Guy by JGrrey
Gotta Cheer Up by Cotton Jones
Bravada by Yoke Lore
Lucy by Sleepy Gaucho
sunburn, AZ by Brahny

Summer Love by Mura Kami


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