Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 104

Fresh Spins with Jen Em DJ hat

Beautiful Music Lover!

Yesterday’s show was sooo chill and so wonderful. I super dug it. And I super enjoyed talking to all the Beautiful Music Lovers on the Talk Board!

Did you know when you say something nice about the show or about PRP, we take a screenshot and add it to our Slack Channel, so everyone at the station can see and be encouraged? We volunteers sure appreciate the compliments, encouragements and appreciation, so THANK YOU!

There was a little confusion, I think, from the last post (which went out in the newsletter, hooray!) If you have music you would like to submit to be played on our station, please go to our website and click on “Submit Your Music” rather than emailing me directly with files. And I promise to keep on playing the best and freshest music for you every week!

Super Fan Brad had a great recommendation – a Fresh Spins with Jen Em t-shirt with “Beautiful Music Lover” on the back! What do you think? I tried to design a mock-up on Zazzle, but it was like – waaay too much time to try to figure out those janky editing tools. If you’re into such things – I’m thinking a baseball tee with 3/4 sleeves sounds pretty dope, grey with blue sleeves? hmmm. What are your thoughts? You can always email me at – or let’s have a convo on the Talk Board next week!


Here is the playlist for the Friday, October 11th show – Episode 104.

Here is the (growing) playlist for Episodes 101-107.

Thank you for tuning in – thank you for listening – and I’ll see you next Friday on the airwaves!

~ Jen Em


DJ Jen Em with a musical postcard she designed for her Beautiful Music Lover sis, Jess – just like the song by letherette!

On Fresh Spins with Jen Em, Episode 104, we heard:

Jess by letherette

Mr. Sun (miss da sun) by Greentea Peng
California Coastin’ by Beatchild, The Slakadeliqs
Everything I Need by Moonchild
Whatever Comes to Mind by MorMor
Funky I Like It by Babe Rainbow

Door by Caroline Polachek
Loti’s Dreamland by Cam O’bi
Inside World by Alex Burey
The Fog by Overcoats
The Conservation of Energy by Vanishing Twin

IDGAF by Sam Evian
Thick and Thin by Okey Dokey, Dent May
Patience by Tame Impala
Glo Ride by Hot Flash Heat Wave
Var Har Du Varit by Dungen
You’re Either On Something by Temples
L.A.X. by Das Kope
No Time to Lose – Low Noon Remix by Madison McFerrin
Country Livin’ (The World I Know) by Esthero

Walk With Me by Taba Chake
In A Spiral by Phantogram
Parachute by Caroline Polachek
Easier (feat SHAED) by Mansionair

Matchstick by Freedom Fry, CLARA-NOVA

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