Matt began his musical life in classical music education with Portland artist Michael Allen Harrison, but moved from that to music technology which led him to creating his own recording studio. Small batch. Handcrafted.


Matt Greco’s Rye Room


The studio is nestled in John’s Landing, one of many perfect and small neighborhoods scattered around Portland, home to artists, music creators and music makers. One such place is The Rye Room.


Matt joined Joe Barrett and me for a Drop-In on a snowy Saturday morning to talk the music life in Portland and how the business side of that artistic equation is more important than ever. Enjoy our conversation below.


Matt and Kelsey




From Matt:


Local Recording Studio The Rye Room Celebrates One Year Anniversary and Artist Emily Joy’s Single Release


Portland, Ore.— January 5th, 2017— The Rye Room, a full-service recording studio located in John’s Landing in Portland, celebrates its one year anniversary this month.  The studio centers around the concept that albums, like whiskey, should be small batch and handcrafted. One part speakeasy, two parts studio with a dash of live performance space, the Rye Room’s concept comes together with a distinctive vibe that echoes influences from the prohibition era and modern day.


“Great rye whiskey is a lot like great music,” said Matt Greco, local sound engineer, entrepreneur and studio owner. “You’ve got to have the right combination of ingredients in the right space, and you can’t rush the process. The music coming out of the Rye Room is just like that. Done right with local musicians.”


Concurrent to its first anniversary, on Thursday, singer-songwriter Emily Joy will release the first single, “Overcoming,” from her debut EP entitled, “Hope Starts on the Ground,” which Greco produced, recorded and mixed.


The release of this single is particularly timely because production began while the Rye Room itself was still under construction.”Overcoming” is a pop-electronic hybrid with country-inspired instrumentation by local musicians: Tony Furtado, Chris Benson, Joseph Intile, and Merlin Showalter. The creative and collaborative production efforts found in this single sets the tone for the music that followers of the Rye Room can expect to see in the future.


Since opening, the Rye Room has provided engineering, production and mixing services to an eclectic group of musicians. Folk and Americana inspired rock group, Santiam’s, debut EP entitled “No Address” was released in the Spring of 2016. It is a unique tapestry of the songwriting chops of its core members, Jen Deale, Chris Spicer and Patrick Tumpane, along with a trove of local artists who brought the Oregon-inspired tunes to sonic fruition.


Another highlight of the first year in business is Indie Pop artist Danny Paul II’s guitar-driven album “Home or the Oddest Endeavor.” The album is entirely produced, recorded and performed by Danny Paul II, and the final product exemplifies how the mixing services provided by the Rye Room’s Matt Greco serves to elevate an album.