Do you like to put on a playlist and fuhgedditaboutit?

Oh, my dear Beautiful Music Lover, sometimes we just want the music to be good and to not have to think about it, don’t we? I’ve got a series of helpful playlists that can do just that for you. I’ve made composite playlists, comprised of seven episodes of Fresh Spins per playlist, in one handy spot.

Here they are for your own personal listening enjoyment, or for if you want to be the hero of your next holiday party or firepit gathering, or hey, play ’em for your friends.

Share the Fresh Spins love, BML! FSJE can now be found on Insta @freshspinswithjenem. And don’t forget to keep an eye on this lovely, lovely blog, Beautiful Music Lover, right here on, just for you.

Your friendly, neighborhood DJ,
~ Jen Em


episodes 108-114 (at the time of the initial post, we’ve only made it to episode 112, so this playlist will keep growing)

episodes 101-107

episodes 94-100

episodes 87-93

episodes 80-86

episodes 73-79

episodes 65-72

episodes 58-64

episodes 51-57

episodes 44-50

episodes 37-43

episodes 30-36

episodes 23-29

episodes 15-22

episodes 8-14

episodes 1-7 (when Fresh Spins was just a baby!)

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