Here in Sellwood, we’re getting a new groovy organic non-GMO food store, the Moreland Pantry.  My neighbors and I were all excited about this.  Then we learned that the owner had posted on her Facebook page that she believes homosexuality leads to pedophilia and bigamy.  Now, she would not refuse service to homosexuals, although she believes that businesses should have the right to do so.

Now I know that just because someone agrees with me about food, they may not agree with me about religion or politics.  That’s Thanksgiving in a nutshell.  And they might not approve of some of my friends’ marriages, because they’re both men or they’re both women.

And I understand that for some people, it’s an article of faith that people who have similar plumbing should not have sex.  And, of course, religious freedom is protected by the First Amendment.   And they have the right to express those beliefs  – there’s that First Amendment again.

But if you want to open a groovy store in a neighborhood full of progressive straight people and married gay people, then you might not want to go all Facebook with those beliefs.

Because now a lot of my neighbors and I don’t want to shop at the Moreland Pantry.  And that’s our right too.

I’m Brenda Stevens, and this is my Carp O’Diem.

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  1. Valerie Ring
    Valerie Ring says:

    I like your “live and live” attitude Brenda. I live in S.E. so the drive to Moreland Pantry might not be worth the trip after all.


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